Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pioneer Day Celebration

Our stake had their annual Pioneer Day Celebration today.  It was wonderful!  The three of us had so much fun enjoying the different displays, activities, and friends we saw there!  I had the opportunity to help with the set up early this morning (6:45am!  I couldn't believe I actually made it on time!!).  It was great to be a part of the event and I made sure to point out to Derek all the signs that I hung up! :)

Cadence doing one of the things she does best... telling us what to do!  "Let's look at that Dad!"

I figured she'd be thrilled to pieces about the sheep.  After all, she asks
to watch Shaun the Sheep every 5 minutes from the moment she wakes up
until the moment she falls asleep.  But no, she liked them from a distance
but was completely freaked out once she tried to touch them!

Best part of the morning?  Ice cream cones!!  Perfect for a hot day!


  1. It was fun! I loved all of the signs and thought to myself many times how great and clear they were.

  2. looks like fun! Love her hair!