Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Cadence and I went to the music store yesterday, which is always a little bit of a challenge because Cadence is 3 and music stores are full of things to touch and grab.  So we had a little talk before we went in.  This is how it went...

Me: Cadence, guess what!  We're going to the music store!  Do you remember the music store?  It has pianos, violins, cellos...

Cadence:  What come next?... guitars, ...and, um... GRUMSTICKS!

Me: Yes!  Guitars, drumsticks and drums, and lots of other things!  What do you think?  Should we go?

Cadence: Yes! That sounds GREAT Mommy!

Me:  Okay!  But remember, don't touch anything.

And then later in the store by the piano books...

Cadence:  What that Mommy?  A moose-puppy?

Me:  A moose-puppy?  What are you looking at?

Cadence: This (points to a Christmas music book with a Santa Mickey Mouse and Pluto decked out in antlers and a red nose)!

Me:  Oh, that's Pluto dressed up as a reindeer, Rudolph.

Cadence:  No, it's a moose-puppy.

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