Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Time

When I took these pictures, I didn't realize that my ISO was at 6400.  If you're not familiar with ISO, 6400 is TERRIBLE!!!  So I had to make it a sepia toned B&W which bummed me out because I really liked the orange of the pumpkins.  

Anyway, this is a picture of Cadence with her Halloween card from my Aunt Laura and Uncle Bob.  They are awesome and Cadence LOVES them.  Thank you for the card guys!!

And there will be more Halloween pictures up here tomorrow.  Get ready for the awesomeness.  Cadence and Derek are coordinating this year! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Cadence and I went to the music store yesterday, which is always a little bit of a challenge because Cadence is 3 and music stores are full of things to touch and grab.  So we had a little talk before we went in.  This is how it went...

Me: Cadence, guess what!  We're going to the music store!  Do you remember the music store?  It has pianos, violins, cellos...

Cadence:  What come next?... guitars, ...and, um... GRUMSTICKS!

Me: Yes!  Guitars, drumsticks and drums, and lots of other things!  What do you think?  Should we go?

Cadence: Yes! That sounds GREAT Mommy!

Me:  Okay!  But remember, don't touch anything.

And then later in the store by the piano books...

Cadence:  What that Mommy?  A moose-puppy?

Me:  A moose-puppy?  What are you looking at?

Cadence: This (points to a Christmas music book with a Santa Mickey Mouse and Pluto decked out in antlers and a red nose)!

Me:  Oh, that's Pluto dressed up as a reindeer, Rudolph.

Cadence:  No, it's a moose-puppy.