Monday, September 24, 2012

"I Be Three!"

I can't believe that my baby is three!

On the morning of her birthday.  Thank you G&G Mc for the beautiful new doll!

I gave her a haircut the next morning.  So grown up!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I Can Have Blog Post Please?

Latest Cadence-isms
  •  "I can have milk please?" We're working on asking for things rather than just communicating her general want for something... usually milk.
  • "I can't like it."  We think she means, "I don't like it," but it always comes out "can't?"  Anyway, it's pretty descriptive of how she feels.
  • "My do Woody puzzle?"  She received a set of wooden jigsaw puzzles for Christmas last year from her grandpa.  It's taken quite a while for her to figure them out (they're real jigsaw puzzles, and every piece fits with every other piece) but now that she has for the most part, she is loving them!  Especially the ones with Buzz and Woody or Lightning McQueen.
  • "Please," "thank you," "you're welcome," "bless you," "are you okay?"  My kid is pretty darn polite, annoyingly so.  I'm a little surprised at it because I'm sure that I'm no where near that polite!
  • "What you're doing, Mom (or Dad)?"  I hear this question seventy-hundred times a day!
  • "My do it!"  Usually when we're getting out of the car.  She's even started saying it before we've turned the car off.  I guess she wants to make sure I know she's going to get out on her own!
  • "Gickle me?" She's ALWAYS asking to be tickled!  The other day at church after Derek and I had both declined, she turned to the lady sitting down the row from us (who she barely knew), and asked her!  We had to laugh a little!
Cadence doing one of her favorite puzzles. 
And see that stack of puzzles in the lower left-hand corner? 
Yeah, there are 8 puzzles in the pack and she likes to do ALL of them every time! :)